4better oop on paired board - How to play?

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4better oop on paired board - How to play?

Hey guys,

i thought about a common situation and have not yet a satisfying answer for me.

Say its plo200 zoom, we are out of position raise get a 3bet and make a pot 4bet and get called by the 3better.

The SPR is:

a) 1.0

b) 1.5

c) 0.75

The flop is maybe:

1) 772r

2) 775ss

3) JJTr

4) KQQss

Our range and image is a bit of an issue, say 70% AAxx, the rest good AKKx, KKxx and ds Broadway rundowns. No special history with villain for the sake of keeping it relative simple.

Villain is either a:

1) nitty Reg

2) good Lag

3) Calling Station

4) Maniac

What are our options?

1) pot bet shove

2) bet small & stack off

3) bet small & fold to raise

[4) more complicated lines like check in first place or bet small, getting called and play the turn]

This leaves a tone of combinations for scenarios, maybe we can start a discussion of some of the most troublesome spots. There has to be a correct strategy for being exploitable on one hand and exploiting the player tendencies for max EV on the other. And it can't be to pot bet shove all the time i assume.

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