$50/100 PLO - Monotone Flop in 4-bet Pot vs. Sauce

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$50/100 PLO - Monotone Flop in 4-bet Pot vs. Sauce

Blinds: $50.00/$100.00 (6 Players) BN: Isildur1: $37927.46
SB: WRUUUUM: $11539.00
BB: UhhMee: $10000.00
UTG: MrSweets28: $10511.24 (Hero)
MP: Ravenswood13: $22600.92
CO: Sauce123: $16949.05
Preflop ($150.00) MrSweets28 is UTG with 7 A A 3
MrSweets28 raises to $350.00, Ravenswood13 folds, Sauce123 raises to $1200.00, 3 folds, MrSweets28 raises to $3750.00, Sauce123 calls $2550.00
Flop ($7650.00) 2 4 K

Reads on villain: some fish

Monotone boards in general are weird in spots like this, but I found this flop especially interesting as it's much more of a WA/WB spot than you usually get in PLO. He should have very few sets, almost no 2pr, almost no straight outs.

He has a LOT of double suited connected hands to 3b my UTG open (which is pretty darn tight at this table). I have AA the majority of the time after 4-betting, but also will have some double suited rundowns/high gappers. I'm probably not 4-betting many hands like AKJTss and KKQTss at this stack depth, but would sometimes 4bet them if double suited. (arguments can be made for the opposite strategy, so I'm curious to hear where you stand)

If we shove our full range on the flop, he's folding a lot (basically will call any 2pr+ and fold the rest, other than the very rare straight draw + something type hand). Given the equity disparity against his calling and folding range (off the top of my head - close to 5% and close to 85%?), it feels like we should explore other options.

What do you think!?

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