5/10/ 5 ante 6 cards throw 2 on flop NLO8

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5/10/ 5 ante 6 cards throw 2 on flop NLO8

Looking to develop a simple strategy for this crazy fish laden home-game im currently playing. Been limp shoving AA25xx double suited preflop but its not good going 3-5 ways all in. Looking for a lower variance strategy. I have experimented with open-shoving 15-30BB really good hands and typically get called by at least one player. The game typically plays 25-150BB deep and is obviously extremely loose.

I'm leaning toward a limping strategy, but the vast majority of pots are opened to 8X and it's frustrating losing the BB hand after hand waiting for good hands. Any thoughts on developing a strategy for this type of game? Im not rich by any means and my entire savings represents around 40 buy ins at this game. I'm pretty sure its worth risking my savings over since i have a good job and few payments month to month.

On a side note, this may be the most entertaining form of poker and i highly recommend introducing it into home-games.

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