5/5€ live game with 80€ straddle

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5/5€ live game with 80€ straddle

Hello guys!
I have a question on straddles that i was wondering if anybody had already studied it.
At what point does a straddle become profitable when your straddle unleashs a ton of dead money after you.
For example, i was playing on a VERY loose and VERY deep 5/5 live game where straddles are very common and sometimes go up to 80€ or even 160€. And it was my turn to put that second straddle (20€) so that the two guys after me could put 40€ and then 80€. Is my straddle +EV then? Probably not right, but it gets close i assume. What if a third guy were to put 160€, would it be +EV? What if i only had to put 10€ so that the three guys after me could put 20€/40€/80€? Is it +EV then?
I should mention which is very relevant stacks in play are around 4k, and the field is very loose and mostly recreational.
Obviously there are other factors such as: you want them to think you’re loose, you want to keep them in the game and entertained etc etc, but lets assume none of that is a factor.
Let me know if anyone has already figured this out.
Thank you very much!

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