$5/5 LIVE PLO - Calling Preflop shove with QQ62?

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$5/5 LIVE PLO - Calling Preflop shove with QQ62?

Players and Reads:
SB - HERO - $500 - Qc Qs 6c 2h
CO - Wide aggro fish - $3000
*Seen open raise J874ts (triple suited) LJ preflop
*Overall, very splashy and aggressive in a lot of spots that are a bit spewy
UTG limping fish - $90
UTG+2 fish: $600

UTG limps, UTG+2 limps, CO raises to $30, Hero calls $25, UTG shoves, UTG+2 folds, CO raises pot (shove), Hero???

First off, UTG lost a pot the hand or 2 before, and I missed that he was that short. Thought he still had a normal stack and I wanted to pill from the BB in a 4-way pot, maybe 5-way pot. With his short stack, I would have folded preflop. That being said, as played I kind of feel like this guy is really just shoving everything over the fishes small shove preflop. I haven't played a ton in these Live PLO cash games, so I know that is an assumption I am making, but what do you guys think?

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