5/5/10- limped pot, flopped boat facing double c/r

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5/5/10- limped pot, flopped boat facing double c/r

Stacks are 1200 effective and villain is another young pro in the bb. It is the first time we have played together. Each of us thinks the other is competent.

The blinds are posted 5 and 5 and the 10 straddle is utg with the action starting utg+1. The game is 6 handed and it folds to me otb with 4c9s6s7d. I opted to limp the button because a lot of pots were going 4 way even when I potted it pf. Both of the blinds complete and the straddle checks his option. 

Flop: 6c9c9d


Action checks to me otb and I bet 15, sb folds, bb makes it 65, utg folds, I call. I think calling is slightly better because I doubt this kid c/r stacks A9 or a 9 with over-card kickers in a limped pot with 1.2k behind. Definitely interested in comments on the flop flat. FWIW, if I had over card kickers, Id use that hand to randomize the times I put in a re-raise here given that the psr is so large. That would at least give me some suckout/freeroll potential in a large pot.

Turn: Qd


bb checks, I bet 125, he makes it 360 very confidently and without much thought. In the last 2 years I have played live more often and am slowly reading into physical tells. I still think that ranges and math trump live reads, but that reads can be useful. I interpret his body language as him already having made up his mind that he was going to double c/r, not necessarily that he has the mortal nuts. Its tricky because he could perceive me to float the flop with a draw, but the timing and size of his turn c/r worries me. I doubt he is doing it with A9 on the turn(given his sizing and plethora of tricky rivers), so I guess were looking at the Q9, maybe 66(seems optimistic), the same hand, some weird QQ hand, and possibly a bluff?

I was really confused here and would like to hear comments on all streets. My impression of villain over the first few hours was that he was solid but slightly toward the more passive side.

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