$5/$5 with $100 Dallas button straddle - 8.5k effective stacks - multiway flop decision

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$5/$5 with $100 Dallas button straddle - 8.5k effective stacks - multiway flop decision

Background: Game is a 9-handed 5/5 PLO game which has a $25 mandatory "Dallas" button straddle, which guarantees absolute last action preflop to the button. This means that that button will only act once all other players have closed the action by betting, raising, and calling beforehand. An aggressive regular has half the table (other regs) straddling to $100 in an effort to get unstuck. My image at the table is tight and straightforward. Just about everyone knows I am playing higher than I would like, and that I don't get out of line much. The game is so splashy that there is plenty of money to be made this way, in my opinion, which is why I've taken a number of shots at this game (never seen the straddle go up above $25 before though..)


BB (4k)
CO - Hero (8.5k) - KdJdJ8
Button (10k+)

Button straddles to 100 on the button and it folds around to me in the CO with KdJdJ8 which I pot to 400. SB folds, BB calls, Button calls. This was my first hand played in about 15 hands because the game had become wild preflop, and I was card-dead. I've also been perceived as having my chips "locked down," not entirely incorrectly. I expect to get action because players expect me to over-define my hand and think they can outplay me postflop.

Flop QhJh4d

BB leads 900 into 1200...

Hero raises to 4k
Button raises all in for 8.5k effective
BB thinks and folds
Hero calls

Button shows QQ** and Hero loses the biggest pot of his life with 1 out, playing way way way too high for his "bankroll". Is this a cooler or did I misplay somewhere?

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