5/5/T line check (live 9 handed)

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5/5/T line check (live 9 handed)

5/5/Tbu (action starts in SB) (live 9 handed)

blinds fold
MP rec limps (500)
We (cover all) CO AQJJ:dcdc raise to 40
BU (2.5) tighter reg calls, rec calls

3w P130 QT7:xdy
rec checks, I check, BU bets 100, both rec and I call

Turn 3w P430 QT77:xdyd
rec checks, I check, BU bets 350, rec is all, in I fold, bu calls for crumbs.

In real time I was concerned about lack of hands BU was playing. In retrospect I feel like this line is very weak. With being PFR, blocking top set, the straight draw/wrap, and having a gutter + bdfd, i think I should be continuing this flop. Interested in what flop sizing may be best as well as the taken line. Thanks

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