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5c, defending 3b POT OOP, str8 BOARD donking line, A TURN, now what?

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5c, defending 3b POT OOP, str8 BOARD donking line, A TURN, now what?

PRE: Veeery marginal open (hand ranks at 33%), but BTN wasnt too loose and had very low 3b. Blinds were passive. Once I get 3b(esp considering his 3b range is very narrow and mostly AA), I'm never below 40% eq, depending on exact range im anywhere between 40-45% eq preflop, so I guess it has to be called. Maybe EV of expanding the rfi is not that big, and still this hand makes an open fold ,even under favourable table dynamics.
FLOP: I develop a significant donking range here, and small sizing will force him to overfold , and in practice he will react badly than vs bigger sizing (where his decisions will be easier and more str8 fwd). Another argument is that he will XB this board very often, especially this particular player who will have a disproportionate amount of AA and overpairs in this spot w such a tight 3b range pre, and making fold any piece is a success and i have massive eq anyway. Otoh, X seems also reasonable as it is no big deal giving a free card, and my hand can XC or XR happily.

TURN: Because of what i said on the player, this card hits his range veeery hard, but in relative terms, and given im uncapped where i have more nuts than him at this point, my question is; knowing he won't fold very often to a bet on this card, is it worth to barrel turn and river to try to push him off AA when unimproved by the river?(or vbet when improved). Whats the cost of barrel and getting raised? if I X, given this is such a good card for him in relative terms, I could expect him to bet it a lot as well, so is it reasonable my line, to fold out weak Ax hands? is it too optimistic to think that he would be capable of folding AA? Or because of all that i have said , I'm better off playing str8 fwd and XC?if so, what other hands will play like that as well??

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