6 max all fish table strategy

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6 max all fish table strategy

A friend introduced me to an online poker group that plays 6 max plo, generally 4-8 or 5-10. I am an amateur with some experience and basic fundamentals but this table is definitely a sight to behold and I have no idea how to handle. Everyone has 70+ VPIP and many typically straddle and then raise pot Into 3-5 callers with absolute junk and follow up with pot bets on the flop. I’m not sure how to adjust to playing with these guys. Even when I raise premium hands, I get 4-5 callers and frequently find myself in difficult post flop situations. Post flop when I’m strong, I raise and often get reraised and it’s impossible to put these guys on any type of range and I often find myself giving up. Can you guys give me some guidance how to adjust to such a crazy dynamic?

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