A922 vs 3-barrel bb vs btn

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A922 vs 3-barrel bb vs btn

Villain sat down about 20 hands ago. Coolered another player that left. Villain has been cbetting 3/4 otf, and pb-seems to be the only sizing used. Villain has 3b 3/7 times from the blinds vs the BTN/CO. Sample is small though, so I don't wanna read too much into the stats, but villain def seemed to be aggro. The only time any1 has called his flop cbet hes bet pot on the turn and river and gotten a fold.
The only hand I've played against villain: he 3b pre, checked a low flop, I stabbed and he folded.

Now villain pots flop, pots turn, bets 75% pot otr. Would you look him up here or give hime credit / wait for a read or confirmation that he is very aggro? If you're folding this would you call with something like A982/A862? Feels like were high up in our range even though I'd prefer a blocker and would rather hero call K987 probably. If we're gonna fold this river we probably would prefer to fold turn right? Feels like a very unlikely villain that pots this turn and then gives up on a brick river if he is (semi-)bluffing.

Stakes are 1/2$

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