AA Flop Decision in 3bet pot 50 PLO Ignition Poker

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AA Flop Decision in 3bet pot 50 PLO Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker:
Btn - $47.00 - Loose splashy fish
SB - $50.00 - Hero - As 7c 2d Ah
BB - $14.55 - Don't know too much, but seems like a rec player playing loose preflop

Btn raises to $1.45, Hero calls $0.95, BB raises to $5.80, Btn calls $5.80, SB raises to $23.20, BB goes all-in, Btn calls

Flop: ($57.45) Tc 7d 6s

Hero has $26.30 left behind, slightly less than half. Villain could have some rundown hands I'm basically dead against if he has 98. I think he is calling widely. I def would like to deny equity from a hand like AKQT, or KQJT by shoving. But with so much money in the middle, I'm prob not getting those hands to fold. Vs KKQT, I'm doing really well against, but could get him to fold that equity. Not sure if I check though, how often he will actually try to bluff with the BB already all in. Should I be shoving to deny equity, or be check/folding here?

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