AAJJ Live 4b pot uber deep

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AAJJ Live 4b pot uber deep

OK, a little background, this is a live underground that starts as 5-5 NLHE and slowly escalates to craziness (stacks of 10k+ become the standard at some point), It plays with PLO once every round and at the later hours of the night turns into 10-25 plo with straddles.

At this stage we are on the button 5 handed, we have a 15k stack, Villain on the right is a strong loose and aggressive player that has been cleaning up and has about 25k in front of him. Game plays as 10-25 with a 50 straddle, there's only 1 player that is not straddling and unfortunately he's UTG when we're BTN so hand is 10-25.

Disclaimer: I am happy to play PLO in this game as my very basic skillset in this game is sufficient to profit from the field and the fact that usually when game turns into PLO it's usually a bunch of ppl that are down a ton and just trying to chase it back. My PLO is pretty TAGish and basic, Villain however is very capable.

Also, preflop you are allowed to open 4x and 3bet 4x , rest is pot limit.

SB posts 10
BB posts 25
UTG calls 25
MP(Villain) raises 100
Hero is dealt AAJJhh and raises to 400.

Blinds fold

Utg flats 400
MP raises to 1200

Hero pots to 2800
UTG folds

Villain calls

Pot : 6.5k

Hero has 7.5 behind

Flop Qs9s3x

Villain pots it

Hero does not have As

I know villain knows I have aces here, he has seen me lay down aces before when I 3b and 75% flop to his pot raise on the flop earlier, I also know villain sees me as tight, losing on the session and probably scared money.

This is what I have basically, I know I am blocking some rundowns with my JJ and unblocking all spade draws, I know he has 0 bluffs here, he has some combos of 99xx maybe even the occasional A33x if it's suited as he plays VERY loose and fearless and running every one over, that said, I also know he is capable of doing it with the hands I mentioned I am blocking such as strong wraps and obv QQ.

Is this always a fold or can we sometime find a call button here?

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