AAQJss 3betpot SPR 2.5 - flop decision.

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AAQJss 3betpot SPR 2.5 - flop decision.

Please note SPR is 2.5 not 3.5 like in standard 3betpots. Villain is a loose - aggressive spewy recreational. I once noted about him "Flopraise/call off 100bb IP SRP 3way with J977ss on KJ8 (weak FD + weak GS + Pair)"

Versus GTO Ranges with SPR 3.5 this would be a check/call.

My question is what can i do here with SPR 2.5 generally and specifically to exploit this player type?

I consider Pot/gii becomes a viable option with SPR 2.5, which it wouldnt with 3.5 imo. But i dont see how that would make life difficult for villain.

Check/raising seems interesting to give him a chance to bluff/semi bluff some hands, but it feels like overplaying my hand.

Bet 50%/Fold seems like the worst option in general and specifically vs this player type, as they will jam so many weakish hands that i would need to call off.

Any thoughts about this hand? Maybe the difference in EV is not even that big and all options are viable?

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