Theory: Where can I find info on how often, i.e., I'll flop a straight(draw) with a Rundown?

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Theory: Where can I find info on how often, i.e., I'll flop a straight(draw) with a Rundown?

Hopefully I worded myself right and you guys get what I'm asking for. Thanks in advance!

I find a lot of poker decisions are player dependent (even against the best of the best), but doesn't game theory revolve around knowing at least the basic probabilities before skill/choice comes into play? Anyway, that's what I'm doing now, even if it's not called "Game Theory".

I can only use a holdem example - but doesn't (preflop) game theory mean removing all player dependant strategy and playing Q7o - the computer hand - and folding EVERYthing less than 50% equity...? I want to do get a good idea of how often my opponent will hit straight draws/straights/2pairs flushes, etc. with his range (and to get this idea they are playing 50% of their preflop hands, all the way to 99%)

In omaha, you are likely for a straight to be the winner by the river about 11% of the time if everybody is playing 4 random cards and checking it down to the river source:

But we are not playing, for example, J223 unsuited - a hand which is going to make much less straights with than say JT98.

My same question applies for flushes and playing suited and double suited hands (I assume almost all players play ANY double suited hands, even as crummy as 2239ds - so I could be wrong, but I would just round up the number to 100% of the double suited range that I'm constructing for my imaginary villian to play).

Where can I get info of how often I'll make a straight, a straight draw, a flush draw, trips, etc. ?

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