AK Top 2p on AKT 5-way 50 PLO

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AK Top 2p on AKT 5-way 50 PLO

Global Poker 50 PLO

Stack Sizes on Flop:
MP - Hero - $48.50 - As Kc Th 7s
Btn - $47.50
SB - $33.50
BB - $47.25
UTG limper - $159.75

*All the other players in the pot are recreational players. Not too many reads yet in 2nd orbit

UTG limps, Hero raises to $2.25, Btn calls, SB calls, BB calls, UTG calls

Flop: ($11.25) Ah Ks 8d
Checks to Hero, Hero bet $5.75

Should Hero be c-betting here for protection/value? Hero can get called maybe by A8 and QJTx, but other than that, prob only hands like sets will be continuing. Hero doesn't have much back up if someone has a set, but we probably have good equity I imagine on the flop, and don't necessarily want players to catch up to a hand like an OESFD on the turn or hitting a set. I bet half pot here, but open to hear arguments for other sizings. What do yal think about this spot?

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