AKJ6ds - SRP 4way -

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AKJ6ds - SRP 4way -

Please notice the stacksizes in play. The dynamic on this site is very loose with lots of shorties sitting at the table like you see. They are probably limp/calling 40%+ of hands. No reads on BU, except that hes very likely a recreational. SPR is about 5 with button.

Question revolves around flop decision.

cbetting seems reasonable, because i push equity versus the shortstacks and i dont have playabillity issues wit SPR beeing so low with them. But like here I have a problem if BU jams on me, because i leave so much equity on the table. From a meta perspective people but me on AAxx or KKxx in this spot a lot, which i actually wouldnt bet. I dont like my betsizing here. 50% sized would be enough i think IF i decide to cbet. I guess its a cbet/fold right? Seems too loose to stackoff with TopPair + 2 Overcards + BDFD if button jams in a 4way pot.

Check/calling is certainly fine, although i dont like that the shortstacks see a freecard vs my TopPair if BU checks back. But I think its better than bet/folding, because i dont get pushed off my equity.

Is check/raising ever an option vs BU with SPR5? Im kind of lost in this hand.

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

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