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Another Isildur1 300/600 PLO Hand, Close Decisions on All 3 Streets

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Another Isildur1 300/600 PLO Hand, Close Decisions on All 3 Streets

BB: Jon Doe: $0
BN: Isildur1: $110691
SB: OMGClayAiken: $75893
Preflop ($900.00) (2 Players)
OMGClayAiken was dealt 9 4 5 T
OMGClayAiken raises to $1800, Isildur1 raises to $5400, OMGClayAiken calls $3600
Flop ($11700.00) 9 2 8 (2 Players)
Isildur1 bets $10800, OMGClayAiken calls $10800
Turn ($33300.00) 9 2 8 3 (2 Players)
Isildur1 bets $32400, Jon Doe bets, OMGClayAiken calls $32400
River ($98100.00) 9 2 8 3 8 (2 Players)
Isildur1 bets $62091, and is all in
($27.3k to me on river)

I'm posting this because I'm genuinely unsure of all three streets. I'm very curious, as I think each decision is likely close, and would appreciate some help doing some math/range analysis. I'm not very adept with all the new tools out there, though I probably should stop being lazy (but probably won't).

This is after I'd won some big pots. Viktor just started making pot-sized cbets in 3bet pots. This is about the 6th time, and I've yet to confirm any real read on what type of range he's doing it with. I assume it's a wider range of "value hands" (meaning he's not pot-calling KK32 and AKJ8). He is still checking occasionally, but I'm not sure what with yet.

My assumption is that I have at least SOME fold equity on flop (but none on turn of course), though I really don't know how much.

Non-math guys, what do you think?

Math guys, how would you go about analyzing this, and what answers are you coming up with?

Thank you very much to anyone who can provide some analysis. I bet some of you didn't expect me to be trying to learn on my own training site :)

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