Another tough spot deep

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Another tough spot deep

Stakes $0.05/$0.10
Both players 300 BBs deep. Villain is pretty aggro 3bettor and aggro postflop.

I open CO with Ac Kc Ks 8s, Villain 3bets button.
First question - what do you do here?

In the hand, I felt that 4betting would push a preflop equity for a small portion of stack sizes and would signal my hand type and then I'd have to play the hand oop with 270 BBs behind and my hand sort of face up.

So I called.

Flop Jh Tc 8s
Hero checks, villain bets 3/4 pot. Hero calls (?).

Here, I might have the best hand, have 2 backdoor flush draws a gutshot and an overpair.
So, I call

Turn 4c
Hero checks, villain bets 3/4 pot. Hero calls (?)

I did strongly consider jamming here. But, villain likely doesn't fold 2pair+ so, I'm ahead of 1pair hands and still have good equity on my draws and jamming gets action from hands that crush me, so I call.

River 4s

How did we do?

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