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Balance range

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Balance range

6 max 1/2 (PRR) Labbu - 4 (Omaha)

Hero SB (316.26). AhJd7c8h
BB cover (reg agro 18 3b IP vs SB)

Hero raises (6)
V calls (4)

* FLOP *: [3h 5c 4h]
Hero X
V bets (8)
Player Hero calls (8)

* TURN *: [3h 5c 4h] [10s] Pot 28

Hero checks
V bets (22)

Hero raises (78)
V raises (184)


My intention is protect my XC range sometimes 67 an NFD play X and another invunerable part of my range, delayed my action to the turn. In this spot without SDvalue i Like XR with blocker and decent equity. Ideas about this line pl.


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