Bankroll requirements for live PLO

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Bankroll requirements for live PLO

Decided to take a shot at the local PLO 5/5 game in my area (KC midwest). I've been playing 3 times a week about 6 hours a session. Game plays with a $10 button straddle. So essentially 5/10. I play a nut peddling style and try to pick off the whales who overplay 2nd nuts, weak draws, etc. Been running about even since I started playing about two weeks ago. I'm decent at PLO having played it full time a few years ago. Broke even for the whole year which I felt was fine since I was just learning the game back then. Been playing NL since and have built up a decent roll. I fully understand PLO variance and we run it twice in this game when all the money goes in, so that helps a bit with variance reduction. My mental game is fine. Hardly ever tilt. Here's my question: Playing this PLO game with a 60K bankroll. This about right? Under rolled? Don't sweat it, you've got enough? Would welcome any and all feedback on the roll question.

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