Beginner question about 3betting

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Beginner question about 3betting

Hi there,

This is my first post on RIO.

I played about 10k hands of PLO10z on stars with relative success. First, I was just nut peddling and after watching a couple video, I started to loosing up my game a little bit.

I first tough that with bad aces, you just call. It is not like hold'em: the value of aces is to make top set and it rarely win unimproved. But, I saw a couple video where 3betting aces is kind of mandatory from every position.

It's when I started to have some problem. It seems that in PLO10, people overcall your 3bet and except for a few players, you have almost never folding equity. Ex. I have AcAs6s7d (I think is some kind of "good" aces but not premium aces) on the SB. CO raise to 3,5bb; I 3bet pot, BB cold call and CO call. Now, I have to play a pot with SPR < 2,5 OOP against 2 opponents. I think I have to get in on almost every flop and I'm rarely I huge favorite against 2 villains.

First question, should I go back to 3betting only premium hand and play for implied odds, except in some situation where im almost sure I'll play HU? What is your 3betting range in this kind of game, where overcalling is frequent?

Sorry for bad english.

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