Beginning my PLO-journey / asking for help

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Beginning my PLO-journey / asking for help

Hey guys, its very exciting for me to be here!!! :)

So im Nikki, 22yo from Germany who has a passion for poker. I got a fulltime job, eating vegan and i love sports. I came to poker through television of WSOP with like 10 years old and i was catched from the first second. So i made an Pokerstars account when i was 18 and i started to losing a lil bit of money from time to time but not that much. I'm playing with the intension to earn money from poker for arround a year. Im playing NLHE cash and MTT's but i consistently struggled because i felt like im losing passion from session to session. I was to lazy to study, finding study groups and tried to move up in stakes by my own (i have several Courses that i began but didnt finished) and as always - i failed and had to deposit again D: :D.

So i followed the Galfond Challenge a lil bit and i find it super interesting. Yesterday i played my first PLO10 Zoom Hands on Pokerstars... and there we go! I think i found my passion in PLO and i am ready to dedicate my life to it. im super hyped to study the game because i dont know a lot so far and i want to build a solid poker PLO foundation for the future. My plan is to move up in stakes by Playing just PLO cash, and sometimes some low stakes NLHE MTT'S.

So now i have some questions to the ecperienced players:

  1. What Tracker should i use? I got PT4 and HM3 but dont know yet what i want to expand to PLO.
  2. How do you approach studying?
  3. On which sites should i play as a beginner?
  4. Zoom or standard tables?

If there are some beginner study groups out there, i would be very happy to join and learn with all of you, preferred in german. :)

Very excited for all of your answers! :)

Cheers, Nikki

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