Being bullied...

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Being bullied...

I was doing OK in this match. trying my best not play 'scared' b/c of stakes. the two big marks at the table had just left and i was trying to hold my own against these guys. they were TAG, not crazy stats..but were starting to 3bet me a bunch and play aggro. Villian I have 3 hands versus and this is anon. play, so not much to add there.
In this spot i 3bet from the SB with a hand that I just feel has to be 3bet vs. his opening range.   The board I feel is good for me...on this flop, do you feel there is merit in just clicking back all in? and letting the cards fall where they may... I of course have equity versus K6. 

P3(BB) $2138.68   -  VP:38 PFR:25 AF:2.0 W:17|50 STL:67|65 3B:12|0 CB:73|50 N:955.68 Hands:65

P4(BTN) $1427.22  -  VP:100 PFR:67 AF:2.5 W:33|100 STL:50|0 3B:33|0 CB:100|0 N:811.22 Hands:3

Me(SB) $1060.01   -  VP:47 PFR:25 AF:3.0 W:21|86 STL:83|42 3B:10|0 CB:75|33 N:-89.99 Hands:79

Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [Ad,Kd,Td,7h]

P4(BTN) raises 35, Me(SB) raises 110, P3(BB) folds, P4(BTN) calls 80  

Flop: (Kc,6h,2d) (2 players)

Me(SB) bets 130, P4(BTN) raises 260, Me(SB) calls 130  

Turn: 4c (2 players)

Me(SB) checks, P4(BTN) bets 240, Me(SB) folds  


Returns 240 to P4(BTN)

P4(BTN) wins 759

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