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Bluff Raisings Turns in 3bet Pots

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Bluff Raisings Turns in 3bet Pots

BB: Odd_Oddsen: $9865.62
SB: Psier: $19826.88
Preflop ($75.00) (2 Players)
Psier was dealt K 2 T Q
Psier raises to $150, Odd_Oddsen raises to $450, Psier calls $300
Flop ($975.00) J 7 T (2 Players)
Odd_Oddsen bets $600, Psier calls $600
Turn ($2175.00) J 7 T J (2 Players)
Odd_Oddsen bets $1675, Psier raises to $3800, Odd_Oddsen calls $2125
River ($9775.00) J 7 T J A (2 Players)
Odd_Oddsen bets $5015.62, and is all in, Psier folds
Final Pot
Odd_Oddsen wins $9699.50
First of all, thanks Phil for opening up this site, it already has increased my poker brain activity and seems to be the best I've ever seen to improve my game.

I am just learning Omaha, I have a lot of experience playing NLH HU the transititon seems to go pretty smoothly against weaker regulars. I struggle though once I meet more experience PLO players.

I just played this hand and after watching your Bluff Theory Video. I am trying to find good spots to raise turns as bluffs.
Villian in the hand was 3betting around 30% and two barreling a lot once I called on the Flop.

My thoughts on the Turn Raise. I had folded so far a lot against his turn barrel so he might regard my raise as strong here. I am blocking JT a little with my T. I can go for free showdown if he just calls with any Jack on a 9, A and be good occassionally. He should probably be folding 98 or QQ-AA with the Nutflush draw, some other hands that are ahead. Calling here on the turn with my hand never seems an option.

1)Is this a fine play to mix it up if i have J7,JT and get him to fold a decent part of his range ?
The main issue I have is that its still hard for me to assign proper ranges to players frequencies. I am not sure how often I am just crushed here once he bets again on the Turn.

2) Should I be shoving River occassionally if he calls my raise on blanks that are unlikely to have hit him ? Lowcards.. Check more on highcards like Q,K,A that are likely to have hit him.

3) In general which board textures are best to be bluffraised on the turn against opponents who are two barreling a lot (capable of 3barreling as bluff more light value) ?
I get occasionally raised smallishon drawheavy boards (two tone flushboards) when I can be two barreling a pretty wide range on the turn and the board pairs as well, are these likely to be bluffs if the players is good at PLO.

Thanks everyone in advance for their thoughts and input !

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