Bottom 2 on monotone flop in 3 bet pot

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Bottom 2 on monotone flop in 3 bet pot

PLO60 (5 Players)

UTG: $107.30
CO: $90.69
BTN: $93.82
SB: $10.50
BB(Hero): $56.10

UTG pots to 2.10, fold, fold, SB calls, Hero raises to 6.30$ with AhAd6c8c, UTG calls and SB folds

Flop(14.70) Js8s6ss
Hero bets $14.70, UTG calls

Turn(44.10) 2c
Hero checks, UTG pots for $44.10, Hero calls and is all in for remaining $35.70 of stack

Pre flop I should have raised pot and only 3x'd it. On the flop I bet because I don't have many good turn cards and my hand is quite vulnerable. I feel like on this drawy board texture betting may have been a mistake. Once he calls my flop bet on this board I think calling it off on the turn was a pretty big mistake. Honestly I just started playing PLO and just read PLO from scratch. In the book it said not to give up too easily in 3 bet pots and that was running through my head as I called the turn. I played this hand on PPPoker so I don't have any stats on villain and he was an unknown to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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