Bottom set in 3-way pot from BB 50 PLO

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Bottom set in 3-way pot from BB 50 PLO

Global Poker

Stack sizes on flop:
BB - $48.75 - Hero - Ac5c5h8h
UTG - $52.45 - Limping recreational player - No reads
CO - $95 - Losse passive recreational player

UTG limps, CO raises to $2.25, Hero calls, UTG calls

Flop: ($7) Kc Qd 5s
BB checks, UTG checks, CO bets $7, Hero calls $7, UTG calls $7

Turn: ($28) 7h
BB checks, UTG checks, CO bets $14, Hero???

Hero has $39.50 left behind. Should we be calling, folding, or jamming here?

Preflop, I generally play pretty tight from the blinds, but trying to open up a little bit more and this hand seems like a profitable defend with an Ace high suit and set potential. But it gets a little dicy on this texture. If this a good defend preflop?

On the flop, I face a pot size bet. I consider folding, but a lot of KQ combos could potential play like this too, so I feel like calling flop and folding to another large bet on the turn. The utg limper calls which could possible be a slow play with QQ or KK, but can also be KQ or any number of straight draws.

On the turn, we check to the PFR and he bets half pot. This makes me feel a little better about my hand since a lot of recreational players will bet a sizing in accordance to their hand strength, but its still possible he could have a higher set, but be trying to price in smaller ones and 2 pairs since their isn't a lot of money left behind. Here, should I be jamming for value from KQ? Or just calling and seeing how it plays how? Which seems a little weird because we will def have some bad visibility on some rivers? What do yal think about this spot?

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