BR management, discipline, HUD and gameplan.

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BR management, discipline, HUD and gameplan.

Hi, I'm new posting in forums but I'm seeking for some advice in some weaknessess i think i have and haven't managed to sort out by myself yet. I have been playing PLO for a while, I have read all the jeff hwang's books on strategy, checked various video sources , read strategy fundamentals, and obviously tried to play as much as i can. I always played without HUdisplay because although I can see the use of it , i never liked to rely solely on the stats to make my plays.(so i didnt have a consistent record saved) After much frustration, I started to use pokertracker4 to check out my actual stats and see what am i doing wrong. So far it seems helpful though im still familiarizing with the software. In about 22k hands, my PLO HU stats are vpip: 40 PFR: 22 3Bpre:6 CB:50 FCB:50 . winrate according to the software is +4BB/100 but I am down over 2k$. (id like to know if they are decent stats or what are the leaks)
I have to say that ive played from 2cents up to 3/6. and always run up a small deposit start playing the higher stakes shortsacked and all seems to be going well till that day that i lose several buyins in a row, then blow half my roll, and eventually grind it down again, and back to square 1. Last example i won a tourney 1k and run it up to over 5k and the lost it all playing like that. Now im stuck again, trying to grind up from the ground(playing 10plo shortstacked), and i dont wanna do the same mistakes of wanting to take too manyshots in the higher stakes(cos when i have enough money i get bored in the low stakes and think i play more carelessly). So I would like some advice in thet as well, that is proper bankroll management(and disicpline to take it thru), and also some advice in how should i plan my sessions, when to play , for how long, when to quit, mental tricks etc etc.
Thanks for reading the post(bit longer than i wanted it to be), any help and advice will be much appreciated

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