C-bet bet sizing decision with KK overpair 3-way 50 PLO

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C-bet bet sizing decision with KK overpair 3-way 50 PLO

Ignition Poker:
Stack sizes on Flop:
SB - $41.42 - 18/9 over 45 hands
HJ - $98.17 (Hero) Ah Kh Kd 3s
CO - $30.38 - 50/15 over 26 hands

Hero raises to $1.75, CO calls, SB calls, BB folds

Flop ($4.93) Jh 6d 5c
SB checks, Hero???

I know that 3-way, I feel inclined to bet here because I can get Jx to call, protect my hand, and by checking I probably will have to fold on many turn cards. I also have a bdfd, and increases my EV of c-betting. I'm always super uncomfortable in situations like this because when I bet and btn playing half his hands calls, I'm not really liking most turns, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, T, Q, A. Does this mean I should be checking the flop? These c-betting and street projection situations are definitely what is the trickiest part for me in my game.

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