calling 4 bets, what considerations?

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calling 4 bets, what considerations?

We are 70 BB deep effectively.
CO raises to 3,4x(PLO25).
BTN folds and i am in SB with KQ88$ds.
I decide to 3 bet!! I dont know, if 3 betting this hand is a thing. But please dont judge me too hard.
I face a 4 bet and decided to make the call. I just check folded the the flop, which was a J66(RB) flop.
We all know, that we basicly need 33% equity to call a 3 bet. But given the effective stacksize, there will be an SPR: 0,5 ish.
Which means that i only need 25% equity on the flop to stack off.
I ran it in odds oracle. KQ88$ds Vs AA** have 33,822% equity.
KQ88$ds hits 25% equity on 55,9% of flops.
How should i think about these numbers and the situation? If that question makes sense!
Is it more correct to call the 4 bet, when the SPR will be so low? And i will more often realize my equity.
And if thats is just some what true, at how low of an SPR on the flop should i just shove preflop......now that i have kind screwed up all ready. I think to avoid to miss play the flop, the excact hand i describe, i may have folded incorrectly!!

Overall i guess i need some clarity arround 3 betting and calling 4 bets. How to think about equity and SPR in that spot?´

Cheers and happy new year.

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