Checking back nut straight on wet boards (Theory/Strategy based on Galfond's video)

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Checking back nut straight on wet boards (Theory/Strategy based on Galfond's video)

I have a theory question regarding the "$.25/$.50 PLO: I'm Mostly Playing HU but Here it Goes" video by Phil Galfond,
He mentions that it's necessary to check back nut straights on flush draw flops
because the nuts is gonna change very often and you're not likely to get 3 streets of value.
The main idea is that you're not actually slow-playing but rather pot controlling.

I understand that we must include straights in our check back range but I'm wondering if we're not missing too much value by checking back.
Additionally, how do we construct our check back range that consists of straights?
What cards do we include and why - pair blockers, flush blockers?

My assumption is that we should check back more often when we block the suits that complete the flush.
However, that makes it less likely for our opponent to have a flush draw and to continue.
Aren't we missing a lot of value in this case, especially when their chances of hitting the flush are even less?

I'm curious what you guys think and would appreciate of some of the RIO coaches share their opinion on this.
I'm usually rarely thinking of slow-playing in PLO unless I block a lot of the board or have specific reads on my opponent.

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