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Coach by komarolo22

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Komaromi, some of you might know me by my screename "komarolo22". I'll start to do some coaching now, since I enjoy teaching and its something I have been wanting to do for a while. I am traveling asia with my girlfriend so i have some free time, but i will continue with the coaching when i get back home.
I started playing poker as a pro in 2011, always played some plo, but mostly tournaments Around 2-3 years ago i started took it as a challenge to become a succesfull cash game player, and started mixing between Plo and mtts. I have always been playing based on my own thoughts but lately i have also started using monker which i think is making me a more complete player.
Price is goona be 400-hr.
I dont have all my hands in my pc now, but the hands introduced below, are the last i played.
I have been playing 2-5 to 50-100 depending on the traffic with somewhere over 9bb/100 of ev.

As far as online results go, i won between 600-700k in around 450k hands on these 2-3 years and around the same amount on mtts. My mtts results are also posted below. ( I Will only be coaching for PLO).

I'll take 2-3 students max at the same time, and will consider some discount for those who want to do a medium to long term process.

Thanks for you time!


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