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Coaching - Low Stakes Crusher

About me + Poker Career

After finishing university several months ago I committed my time to making a living from PLO. Starting with very limited funds I grinded from the bottom of the micros (PLO5) to the low/mid stakes of (PLO100) over roughly half a million hands within 3-4 months at winrate of 7.1 bb/100, making my first $10,000 in the process. Throughout this time I worked with solvers and other software to maximize my edge and prepare for the future, giving me a great understating of some of the toughest post-flop spots such as 3 bet pots out of position.

Since then I have grinded mostly PLO50/PLO100 with a winrate of 7.31 evbb/100 over a sample of nearly 350,000 hands, making a further $14,000 (before rake-back).

With a sample of close to a million hands winning at over 7 bb/100 I have proven I can crush the micro and low stakes and am now ready to offer coaching for those stuck in the micros and low stakes at an extremely affordable price.

Why Coaching

Unlike most poker players grinding several hours a day just isn't for me. It turns the game into something I enjoy to almost a chore. Furthermore I have a passion for coaching. I have worked as a part time maths tutor the last few years and get genuine satisfaction from seeing my students improve (I have helped over 30 students pass their GCSE maths exams- the main exam series in the UK).

In addition to this I see no reasonably priced coaches for low stakes players. Every coach I have seen seems to want £100-£150+, many of whom provide no proof their even winning players.


I want to provide affordable coaching for fewer people (5-10) but on a more regular basis so I am offering a discount to those committing to lessons on a weekly/biweekly basis. This will be done by offering a free 10th session after 9 regular sessions, effectively making it £45 a session.

1 hour - £50
1 hour (regular sessions) - £45

I personally believe these are the best coaching prices on the market for micro + low stake players from a proven crusher at these stakes. To incentivize you to get going I will offer an additional 30 minutes free on your 1st lesson.

If you are interested either drop me a message through this site or even better my email address - [email protected]

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