Colorcoding for opponents

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Colorcoding for opponents

In addition for using huds site where I play allow me to have color codes, which are useful when I multitable and decisions come quickly.

My method for colorcoding has been very harsh, red for tough villains and green for fishes, yellow for weak regs and pink for megafishes. This colorcoding hasn't really helped me on decisions and I am planning to rebuild the whole color system I use.

Which colours do you use?

I would like to know what kind of systems you other people are using and how did you end up choosing the ones you did?

What information I would like to have

-Can I play exploiting game vs him?
-Is a regular very positional (Giving attention to relative position)
-Is a regular rather ABC-style multitabler, does not adjust quickly)
-Is a fish bad enough to help me beat the rake if rest are standard regulars?
-Can I valuebet this opponent lightly?
-Do I need to use bluffcathcers on average?
-Can I 3-bet him lighter than average?
-Do I need to tighten my range when sitting on right to him?

Something else?

I want to have simple but effective system with so few labels that necessary to gain the maximum value. Any ideas and opionions are very welcomed!

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