Deep 10/20 on Stars

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Deep 10/20 on Stars

BN: $12796.07
SB: $4291 (Hero)
BB: $1444.64
CO: $2204
Preflop ($30.00) (4 Players)
Hero was dealt A 2 A 9
CO folds, BN raises to $60, Hero calls $50, BB raises to $240, BN calls $180, Hero raises to $960, BB calls $720, BN calls $720
Flop ($2960.00) 4 3 K (3 Players)
Hero bets $2878.50, BB calls $484.64, and is all in, BN raises to $5757, Hero calls $452.50, and is all in
Turn ($12532.64) 4 3 K J (3 Players)
River ($12532.64) 4 3 K J 8 (3 Players)
Final Pot
Hero has A 2 A 9 BN has 4 5 8 6 BB has Q T 8 K BN wins $5692.72 , BB wins $4332.42
BTN plays 26/20 and BB plays 23/17/3bet 8%, both are regs. Since BB is only 60bb his 3betting range includes many higher rundowns, good double suited KK or KQJJss etc. Once getting 3betted by BB and BTN flats, I found that my 4betting size seems not big enough to fold out BTN but still decided to do so, hopefully BTN would fold so my life will be lots easier. BTN did call and the flop is relatively good for my hand plus I have a gutter so just moves in.

My question is my preflop 4bet good? I was thinking to just flat 3bet and play aggressively against BB if BTN folds on some safe board. 4bet just tells them I have a crappy AA and welcome to gamble with me. However given it's only 1.15 PSB on the flop, it seems not too wrong by playing this hand in terms of the math.

Would you guys play differently? Any comments are welcome, thanks in advanced!

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