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Experiment: Starting with $1000

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Experiment: Starting with $1000

Or: Report from the Trenches, Spying on Fish School.

This is no challenge, no prop bet, not to prove anything or make any sort of statement. It’s just for entertainment. Here’s the background:

There is a fish school at an unknown location. There must be. How else could they come up with all the weird crazy plays? Our hero has been secretly deployed deep inside enemy territory at PLO 25 zoom. The mission: collect data, report on the latest trends, and find max exploits. In support of this mission, HQ has permitted the use of the latest PLO technology. Note taking, hand reviews, calculators, spreadsheets, range distributions, secret blocker plays, and good old fashioned hand reading. Use of player specific strategies has also been permitted, as well as varying overall strategy throughout the mission. A camouflage fish suit has been provided, along with a suspicious country location.

Supplies should last at least through the end of March or 20k hands, whichever comes first. The mission may be terminated early if damage to the fish population turns out to be too noticeable (25 BI?). Each day ends with a report on craziest things that happened. This post will also be updated with current results.

You guys all take poker way too seriously.

Ok, maybe there’s a slight hint of seriosity to this post. I think $1k is a decent bankroll for playing 25 PLO. In some ways, this is perhaps a continuation of the 2013 thread Experiment: Starting with $100. So we’ve had two years to grind it up from $100, and now we’re facing the big bad sharks of 25 PLO. I won’t talk too much about strategy or stats or actual hands etc. That’s what the pro’s are for. But if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask.

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