Facing aggression with 3rd nut flush

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Facing aggression with 3rd nut flush

HH wouldn't post normally, here's a weaktight link: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5748a605d39043780e8b473b

Villain is a reg but no specific reads. I bet turn for value and because I didn't know what else to do. Should I have either checked or bet bigger? As played, I called down because I assumed villain would bet with NFDs on the flop, but now that the ace comes on the river I don't necessarily think he will turn naked Adxxx into a bluff, so can I fold here?

edit: Thinking about this spot more, I don't really think we want 2 streets of value in a 3way pot on the turn, and a made flush is not that vulnerable, so checking the turn seems better to me now. Is that good logic?

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