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Flop Question: JNandez87: 2 Table $2.5/$5 6-Max Zoom PLO Session (part 2) 34:49

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Flop Question: JNandez87: 2 Table $2.5/$5 6-Max Zoom PLO Session (part 2) 34:49

utg open. hero call HIJ. BB call. flop checks to hero. JN checks. This looks like a good barrel off spot to me as we have great blockers to all of the hands that would turn nut straights, we probably have some ok equity vs most calling ranges. We are totally uncapped here and blocking top set we are very unlikely to get x/r, but if we do we are not sad about having to bet fold flop. All of our cards are very relevant to the board and look to be nut blockers on many runouts that do not include a spade, still yet we also do have a decent spade blocker. We need to come up with some bluffs to have them on turn Q, 9, 7, spade or else we will be value heavy on our 2 barrels if we only choose premium semi-bluffs otf. It looks pretty credible being 3 way for us to bet, and if bb is a good player and has leading in his game, then we could make the assumption that some of the strength can be taken out of his checking range here(minor point). Having position and a high SPR is always nice in general. Are we bluffing too much if we bet this hand otf with bad intentions?

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