Flop spew?

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Flop spew?

PLO100 100 effective
The main villain is very wide and spewy preflop.

CO limps
BTN raises to 4.50
SB folds
Hero is BB with Ks Js 9d 8d and raises to 14.
BTN calls
Flop Td 6c 9c (31.50)


Definitely not thrilled about the situation. But with a pair, open ender, backdoor diamonds and a nut straight blocker I decided to pot go with it. I have a tendency to spew in 3 bet pots OOP and it's definitely a leak of mine.
However, I figured I have too much equity (and he connects too much) for me to bet half pot fold.
That leaves x calling or x folding. I think x calling up to half pot and folding to more may be a decent strategy?
What do you think? Is just potting too spewy?

Also I am aware the flop sizing isn't GTO - maybe potting is best from an exploitative perspective though, although I'm not sure. It's the type of villain who would rather just stack off than see a turn anyway so in this particular instance it probably doesn't make much difference.


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