fold AAQ2 single suited preflop???

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fold AAQ2 single suited preflop???

in live 5/10 , very deep game on the button I had AAQ2 ss , under the gun (aggresive player, who saw almost every flop)(2500) limp ,next from middle one short stack(550) raise to 35, cut of(5000) 3-bet to 105, I(4000)-call, under the gun-call, and the short stack push all-in, next cut of re-raise new pot to 1870, and I decided to fold with my deep stack, under the gun also push all-in, flop AK7 ,and I was top set with nut flush draw ,but I fold, cut of A8910 ds, under the gun 910JQ , turn 10, river 10, Is it correct to fold with this big stack in this situation? because I thought that its possible that someone also have AAxx, which is not good, and also if I push all-in under the gun will call, and I don't want to gamble with this stack size

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