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General Theory Advice

I recently moved up from 10pl to 25pl. I was expecting the games at 25pl to be considerably taggier. However, I was quite surprised to find that the games are actually much looser and much more passive. Of course, I am quite happy to be playing for bigger stakes against worse players, but I am having a bit of trouble adapting. At times, I feel like I am the fish because I will 3bet a hand that I though was pretty premium for 3betting against tighter opponents like AsQJ8s. However, I have found that those types of hands don't play as well in a 4 way 3bet pot as they do hu.

When I first started playing a couple months ago, I was playing very nitty. However, I worked hard to open my game up and become much more aggressive in position. I raised my 3bet from 3% to 12% and my vpip/pfr from 16/12 to about 26/22 and this worked out quite well against the reg-fish that mostly make up 4pl and 10pl.

Now I am finding myself in some games where every other player at the table plays something in the (60-80)/(10-20) range. I am now having some trouble as I can no longer iso, 3bet light or play heads up pots, which is where my bread and butter was coming from. I know it sounds silly in a way to ask how to beat a table full of fish, but what are the best adjustments to make for this situation?

As an extreme example, pretend you're at a table where every other player will only limp or fold, and only raise aces. If you raise, they will always call or fold, never 3bet, except with aces. You're opponents are playing 75% of their hands. You ofc have the option to raise, limp or fold.

What kind of ranges would you be playing in this situation? Whats the bottom of your opening range from each position? If you have 3 limpers in front of you and you have the button, what kinds of hands will you open, knowing it will almost never be heads up and usually never 3 handed either? Would you open your limping behind range a lot?

I'm sorry this is a long post but I need some help! There is a ton of money to take from these fishies!

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