getting aggro with jack high

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getting aggro with jack high

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PL Omaha 0.50(BB)
HERO ($47.10) [VPIP: 25.2% | PFR: 15.8% | AGG: 19.4% | Flop Agg: 22.5% | Turn Agg: 17.6% | River Agg: 15.1% | 3-Bet: 4% | Fold to 3-Bet: 5.9% | 4-Bet: 10.4% | Hands: 165955]
BB ($39) [VPIP: 29.4% | PFR: 15.7% | AGG: 33.3% | Hands: 56]
BTN ($51.96) [VPIP: 30.4% | PFR: 14.3% | AGG: 28.9% | Flop Agg: 35.3% | Turn Agg: 33.3% | River Agg: 11.1% | 3-Bet: 0% | 4-Bet: 0% | Hands: 57]

Dealt to Hero: Jc 9h 8s 7h

BTN Raises To $1.27, HERO Raises To $4.31, BB Folds, BTN Calls $3.04

Hero SPR on Flop: [4.69 effective]
Flop ($9.12): Tc 2c 3s
HERO Bets $6.50 (Rem. Stack: $36.29), BTN Calls $6.50 (Rem. Stack: $41.15)

Turn ($22.12): Tc 2c 3s Qd
HERO Bets $21.37 (Rem. Stack: $14.92)

How'd I do?

On the flop I decide to go for a low equity pure bluff c-bet. We've got a club and this two wheel flop should whiff our opponent, especially since we are proximity blocking the ten. We should have range advantage because our three betting range is going to be a lot stronger than villain's bu open flat range. Maybe I am betting too much here? It seems like a flop we want to bet frequently for a small sizing, maybe 1/3rd.

On the turn I pick up a weak wrap. This card belongs to both of us but more to me imo, as my three betting range is more high card oriented than villain's. Check folding after picking up a wrap seems nonsensical. I think turn sizing is good.

Your thoughts?

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