Good spot to 4 bet? plo100

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Good spot to 4 bet? plo100

Playing on a very loose table, lots of weak players with very high VPIPs as well as 3 bets. The villain is one of the stronger players. He's not afraid to put money in and I imagine he has a fairly aggressive 3 bet though haven't played with him enough to be sure.

Eff stacks are 100 but the villain is 350bb deep with a very spewy villain on the button. This makes me think he's not 3 betting the weaker aces as they would be very difficult to play oop this deep and there's no way the other two villains fold.

Hero opens Adjckhkc to $3.50
CO and BTN Call
SB 3 bets to $18

I just decide to get it in, thinking the big equity edge I have against his rundowns offsets the times his has aa.
Probably standard but I just wanted to check this is ok since 4 betting akkx isn't something I'm very experienced with. Maybe a bit results orientated since I did run into aakk...

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