GTO vs check raise river bluffcatching 1-A

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GTO vs check raise river bluffcatching 1-A

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Hi! I'm going to revive this post xD
If I'm on the river on a river completing flush:
As bettor I can bet pot 67% of my Ass and 33% of my As, and make him indiferent between calling and folding, and
As a caller if my range is Kss and Qss I have to call 0.5% so call all Kss and fold all Qss to make him indiferent between betting and checking.

Say he bets 100 on a 100 pot.( he is beting 100 to win 200) 0.5% (and we ned to call100 for a 300 pot) 0.33%
But what happens if I bet the river with my Kss and Qss and now he raises me the pot! What now?
Say I bet 100 and he raise me 400 (now he is betting 400 for a 600 pot) 0.66% its like a 2P (and we need to call 300 for a 900 pot) still 33%
As bettor what now? We stil bet pot 67% of my Ass and 33% of my As to make him indiferent?
As caller what now? We only call 33% of our range now?
Im totaly lost with this! Please somebody help me! thanks xD

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