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Help Im getting exploited HU??!!

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Posted by posted in Low Stakes

Help Im getting exploited HU??!!

I have been playing huplo for the past few months and I noticed that 70% of my AAxx KKxx that are not AIPF are getting folded on the river. I see a lot of other players specifically my opponents who are dead set on going broke with these hands. Ironically while I am losing money with these hands postflop when not AIPF a large number of the 100bb pots i have won were against these hands.
Here is where im confused. Our AAxx KKxx hands are very easily counterfeited by 2 pr if board doesn't pair. So i end up folding often when my river bet is raised. I am sure i am being exploited in some of these spots. It's gotten to the point where I am more comfortable playing AKQJds than overpairs.
Aby advice for this HUPLO fish would be greatly appreciated.

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