How to decide if hand is strong enough to pot/get in

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How to decide if hand is strong enough to pot/get in

Hello everyone,,

Im fairly new to PLO and dont really have much idea of how strong/weak a hand is in a spot given spr.
I would like to get a sense of the equity needed to stack off given a spr in 3bet pots (but it should be applicable to any spot).
Here is the example
I 3bet AdQhTh9d vilain calls oop.
Flop is Q54csd
140 in the pot 365 left.
I would like to approach these spots as follow :
If Hero pots, he is effectively all-in, so Hero is risking 365 (stack)
If vilain is making hero indifferent between potting and checking back, we are trying to find eq (equity) so that :
ev pot = ev check

fepot + (1-fe)(eq(pot+2stack)-stack) = ev check

Then I play around with the value of ev check (between 25% and 50% of the pot), and I see how much equity is needed vs stacking off range to pot. (I usually find that I need between 30-35% equity vs stacking off range - not many hands have less than this...)

One part I am not sure about is how I should set the value of fe (fold equity). If I give the standard 1-alpha (here would be 365/(365+140) so 72%) I am guessing it is not totally accurate since hero's bluff have so much equity, vilain can probably get away with folding more ?

Any critic, help, comment is appreciated :)

Thanks !!!

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