Image does exist at PLO5!

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Image does exist at PLO5!

Microstakes PLO is straight-foward value poker for the most part. But it's amazing how thinking players get completely out of line at times. I play 21/16/4 which isn't exactly tilt-inducing but some players have a low threshold I guess. Here's two hand I played today:

Villain #1 is a regular but probably too loose-aggressive. I had been 3-betting him a few times prior to this hand without any big pots developing. Then this happened:

Hand 1

I re-raised less than pot which is what I had been doing vs him all time so that might have played a role. After the hand we wrote "What can you do?". Well, probably not 5-bet/shoving this hand.


On to the next hand. Villain's stats aren't even out of line but from memory he seems very spewy. I have definitely made some mental notes on him. At this point I had already won a few pots off him on different tables and I just had the impression he was going after me. So I 3-bet a hand I would usually rather call with:

Hand 2

Always pay attention to gameflow!

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