Improving at Poker

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Improving at Poker

I have a question regarding a player development process when they successfully reach high stakes.
I know we are all told they 'work on their games' really hard but I am curious to know exactly what forms of study
are used.
Let me expand this a little bit, when we are improving as a small/medium stakes player, there are plenty of methods
such as RIO videos,forums etc/books/talking to players etc and these methods are good enough to beat these stakes
but when you reach high stakes, everyone already has a good grasp on publicly available materials and from there
on, my understanding is you are on your own to further improve your game to gain an edge on the high stakes population.
So what is exactly these high stakes players are doing when they study ? For example, I heard Ben Sulky in a podcast something
along the lines of working on our range in every spot that beats our opponent range and putting ourselves in opponents shoes
and try to beat that range again and so on. So this kind of of thought process in less commonly found at small/medium stakes
(or at least my experience with poker learning materials).
So I am interested in what other things are high stakes players doing 'on their own' that gives them an edge on these
games and differentiates them from small/medium stakes players when it comes to study habits.


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