Intensive PLO study group with group coaching

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Intensive PLO study group with group coaching

I'm looking to form an intensive 3 players PLO study group with group coaching. 

The nature of such small group require similar minded players(with similar ambition) therefore I will specify exactly what I’m looking for, hoping to find players who are looking for the same thing. 

The target audience is low level players (10plo-100plo - short handed) who want to work intensively on their game in order to become the best players they can be in the shortest amount of time, and which have the time and desire to put the day-to-day hard work to make it happen. 

The approach to the game we'll take is analytic in nature, which will require daily work not just in learning new theory and playing – but in analyzing HH with tools like Odds Oracle and some basic math. You have to be willing to do such work on daily basis in order to improve in such approach. 

We will be using available material from books and videos with similar analytic approach, along with some custom made content. 

I'm looking for an ambitious group who will work hard and very intensively, so you have to have the time and willing to dedicate time every day to poker (divided between playing, studying and reviewing/analyzing – alone and as a group). 

You should also be willing to put in the financial investment by paying for group coaching (roughly ~$200 per month assuming we will be 3 players), and buying Odds Oracle and specific material we will work on(we won't go crazy here). 

I'm looking to form a small group which will stick together long-term, will become the best players they can be and move up as fast as possible. 

If anyone might be interested to join such a group and want to talk more to see if we will be a good fit, send me a PM with your Skype...

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