J875ds vs cold 4bet

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J875ds vs cold 4bet

Hi there, this is a call I don't understand from Jnandez, could anyone rationale about it?

Being the preflop raiser we need to put more money in the put, wich reduces our implicits and increase the money we lose when folding postflop, also we will be sandwiched a lot of times with a non nutty hand between a player shoving AA and another to act behind when the actions goes to the flop.

Am I right to say we would be happier if we were 3betting with this hands and facing a 4bet heads up, than in this 3way scenario?

Also, it could really be ev+ this call? Or Jnandez confused his numbers?

Title on youtube: *Pot Limit Omaha $1k PLO ($5/$10) with Antes*
Minute 11:11


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